Meet our Amazing Team

Be Better Movement is run by Aly Simons and a team of outstanding volunteers. Every single volunteer is committed to making a difference in this week. 


Aly Simons, Founder

After receiving my Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA in 2008, I was left thinking now what. I wasn't stumped in regards to what I was passionate about, that was clear; travel, women empowerment, mental health and an active lifestyle. The question was how in the world would I ever just focus on one.

After my 6th trip to Kenya working with the "girl child" and multiple other countries, I created the Be Better Movement. I wanted to come up with a way to inspire people to improve their mental health with wellness challenge, while raising money for charity.  In 2015, the #bebetter52 challenge was created. I believe that it’s only when you care for yourself that you will have the energy to care for the world.

Aly Simons shares her personal experience giving birth to her daughter Cooper, titled the “Untold Story of Cooper’s Birth.” She writes, “Women are not meant to only bring children into this world. They deserve to nurse them in the middle of the night, to kiss their “ouchies,” to snuggle in bed, to watch them grow, to teach them life lessons. I believe the powerful influence of women--mothers, grandmothers, aunties, surrogates--in children’s lives is a mighty force for love and all that is good.”


Brielle Cetraro, Chapman University

I’m a sophomore at Chapman University studying Strategic and Corporate Communication and Leadership. I have always loved learning about mental and physical health, hoping to one day make this passion into a career. This is what led me to the Be Better Movement, I have loved sharing fun ways to take care of your mind and body, while also learning tools for my future career.

Outside of school I enjoy camping, stargazing, cooking, and soaking up the sun on the the beach. I am originally from Northern California, so I spend all the time I can on the warm Southern California beaches!



Emilie Allen, Chapman University

I am a Strategic and Corporate Communication major at Chapman University. I started interning at the Be Better Movement because my passions aligned with the organization’s vision, and I was excited to help that vision grow. I have always loved all things related to holistic health and wellness, so promoting creative challenges that motivate others to try new things and be their best selves was a perfect fit! Additionally, I am very invested in conservation and protecting the environment. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to spread that very important message through my position here at Be Better.

Outside of school and work I am an explorer at heart. I love all things outdoors from camping to backpacking and I am passionate about seeing the world. I am from Laguna Niguel, CA, so going to the beach is a necessity in my routine. Some of my other hobbies include cooking, hammocking, and of course writing.


 Paulina Sudhalter, Chapman University

Originally from San Diego California, I am ecstatic to be back in Southern California studying Strategic and Corporate Communications at Chapman University. Philanthropic missions have always held a special place in my heart so I knew when coming to college I would do whatever I could to continue making an impact. Health and fitness have inspired me to be adventurous and stretch myself farther than I thought possible. I am now a spin instructor who strives to empower my riders. Be Better Movement is the perfect internship for me because it allows me to apply the skills I have learned in my courses while incorporating my passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Read more...

Lindsey Brown, Chapman University

When people have asked me in the past what my passion was I never knew what to say. Throughout my first year in college I still tried to find that passion. Just this year I had a realization that my passion lies with the well being of myself and others. Being a part of the Be Better Movement is such an amazing experience an opportunity to share with those around me what I am so passionate about! 

I am a sophomore Strategic and Corporate Communication major at Chapman University and am enjoying every single moment of it. Being from the Bay Area I do miss my family
and often take short weekend trips home. My mom is my best friend and we love to travel. We have been to the Philippines, Costa Rica, Spain, the U.K, France and many other countries together! 

Staying active and eating healthy are two important aspects of my life. I love to cook and look up new ways to incorporate vegetables into my meals so that the "freshmen 15" only becomes the "freshman 5." When I am not in class or studying you will probably find me in a coffee shop drinking a latte and eating avocado toast; coffee is one of my hobbies. I pride myself in the fact that I have been to over 60 coffee shops just trying to find that perfect cup. 


Maddy, Hamilton College
I am so happy to be a part of the Be Better Movement team, working for an organization that truly makes an impact.  I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing articles for our #bebetter52 challenges, writing our website content, and reaching out to our sponsor partners.  

On a personal note I am a senior at Hamilton College in upstate New York majoring in sociology and minoring in Environmental Science and Russian Studies (go liberal arts!).  I enjoy kickboxing, weightlifting, hiking, reading, and baking in my free time.



Marisa, Chapman University

My passion lies in community service and nonprofit work, which makes Be Better Movement an ideal place to intern. I am a junior at Chapman University in Orange, California, where I study Communication and Sociology. Originally from Los Altos, California, which is in Northern California in the heart of Silicon Valley,  I was raised to be a devoted sports fan. Win or lose, I will be forever loyal to the San Francisco Giants and 49ers.

Along with sports, I enjoy travelling, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. I recently spent a semester abroad where I visited 12 different countries. I hope to one day travel around the world.

Dylan, University of Southern California

I am very passionate about social awareness and find Be Better’s encouragement of both personal growth and philanthropy incredible to say the least.  At Be Better, I researched business growth strategies and marketing plans to get more companies to fund weekly challenges.  
When I’m not studying, I enjoy reading, playing tennis, or going on hikes with my friends. After experiencing the freshman fifteen, I have been more health conscientious and have been trying to eat more vegetables and less potato chips.

Ashley, University of Southern California

I am thrilled to have been a part of this movement and look forward to the experiences this internship will provide me with. Health and wellness play a large role in my life and I am so excited to portray this through my work in researching and blogging for Be Better!  I am currently 18 years old and live in Southern California. I study economics at the University of Southern California and am planning on pursuing up a minor in accounting.

Some of my beloved hobbies include running, hiking and playing tennis. I am also a huge fan of eating healthy; my favorite foods include avocados, almonds, and spinach. When I am not working out or eating, you can probably find me napping on the beach!