Standing Tall with Proper Posture (Week 16)


This weekly report is for you, as much as it is for me. I feel it is important to document the little victories throughout the week because it is through these moments we achieve big things.

This report is from the #bebetter52 challenge to practice proper posture on April 15-21 on 2019.

Our Movement is Growing


With 2623 followers on Instagram, almost two hundred receiving text messages and 669 people getting emails, it’s official. Thousands are receiving the weekly wellness challenges. Thank you for continuing to spread the word.

Posting more on Instagram Story

I am going outside my comfort zone and posting more personal stories to IG stories. The narratives are full of my honest, everyday experiences being a mother, running a business and working hard to be better. Please follow @mybebetter and check my stories. I love your questions and feedback.

Starting a Contest

If you have a group of women in your life whom you think would enjoy the Be Better challenges, I would love to hold a free customized contest for you. I am doing it right now within my Fit4Mom Anaheim Hills/Orange group. Although this is a new idea, I think there will be a 10-women minimum requirement for the contest. Within my Fit4Mom, about 10-15 women are participating. When they complete the challenges, they are reporting as part of FIT4MOM. All of the women who complete 4 challenges in a row (a month of challenges), will qualify to win a free My Be Better Box subscription.      

Challenges Completed and Money Raised:

My mom completing this week’s challenge, maintaining good posture while holding my new nephew.

My mom completing this week’s challenge, maintaining good posture while holding my new nephew.

Year-to-date we have raised $627.60 for Every Mother Counts! That is 1348 CHALLENGES COMPLETED.

Be Better Teams

Congrats to our Be Better Teams.  10 teams had 80% participation or more for week six.

The teams with 100% participation: 4 teams.            

(Pacers4lfye, Team Awesome, The Positive Changemarkers, TRIHOW)

The teams with 80% participation: 6 teams

(Be Better Be Supermoms, Be Better Boss Babes, Beautiful Badass Breeders, Mama Needs a minute, Shermoms and Change Cravers)

If interested in learning more about these teams, please check out Start a Team on our website.