Servicing Others Makes our Heart Happy (Week 31)

This report is from the #bebetter52 challenge to perform three acts of service.

Challenges Completed and Money Raised:

This year we have already raised $1084.80 for Every Mother Counts! That is a grand total of 2431 challenges completed.

Be Better Teams

Congrats to our Be Better Teams.  

A big shout out to Team Awesome, Be Better Supermoms and Team Bootleg who had 100% participation this week!   


The teams with 80% participation: Be Better Beach Babes and Better with Time

Thank you all who participated and submitted from this week.

All your acts of service add up to huge impact.

This week we celebrated you and all your small acts of service. We had to share some of them with you.

Made fresh ginger tea for my sick friend- Shelle

Pooled airline mile points to bring a friend and her son to a hockey tournament in Indiana.- Katheryn F

I gifted all of my son’s bedroom furniture to my cousin along with 5 big bags of clothes. - Laura S

I filled up my brother’s car with gas. - Jennifer W

We watched a ladies dog while she went in a store bc they wouldn’t allow her to take it in and she said it would bark outside alone. - Megan O

Gave a hug and a ear to someone who has had a loss. Acknowledging their pain and not pretending it didn’t happen.- Pam V

Brought popsicles for all our incoming kindergarten students at the park meet and greet- Tara G