Creativity Can Mean Whatever You Want it to Mean (Week 23)

This report is from the #bebetter52 challenge to be creative on June 02,  2019.

Challenges Completed and Money Raised:

This year we have already raised $850.50 for Every Mother Counts! That is a grand total of 1885 challenges completed.

Be Better Teams

Congrats to our Be Better Teams.  

A big shoutout to Be Better Supermoms who had 100% participation this week!            

The teams with 80% participation: 3 teams

(Change Cravers, Mama Needs a Minute, and Team Awesome)

Thank you all who participated and submitted from this week.

Here are some of my favorite creative things you did!

This was a quote from Kristine R. about her experience this week make potholders with her girls and start some embroidery, it’s so good that I couldn’t not share “More craft than creative but I love making something with my hands!” Which in reality is what it’s all about, just having fun.

Some other original creative things you guys did were:

Stasia W. who built a virtual campsite for her Relay for Life team

Laura H. from Mamas Matter who wrote a skit for her daughters summer camp to preform

Jennifer O. who chose a design and colors to make a stain glass window

Pam V who made a flower arrangement.

There’s a Contest For This Week!

The contest is simple, just to post a before and after photo from your smoothies. That’s it! There’s going to be two winners and they will receive healthy smoothie bombs to throw into their next batch!