Yerba Mate #bebetter52

As a society we often feel the need for an energy boost to get us through the day. Starbucks in the morning is packed full of groggy-faced people who can’t start the day without their caffeinated cup of joe.  Despite all the research telling us the negative side effects of energy drinks, the industry is expected to exceed $21 billion in total annual sales by the end of 2017. With that being said, it’s important to understand the impact of the drinks we put into our bodies. What are the best caffeinated beverages to consume when we are in need of a little energy?

The good news is that some healthy caffeinated options are out there. One of the best around is Yerba Mate, a tea-like beverage traditionally consumed in South America. Not only does it increase energy, but it also includes your daily vitamins and minerals. This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to try Yerba Mate, a good source of nutritious energy, mental alertness and good health. You can purchase Yerba Mate in tea bags, mate concentrate or ready-to-drink bottled mate. When looking to purchase Yerba Mate tea, look to buy only fair-trade and organic brands, such as Guayaki.

Because of the myriad health benefits of drinking Yerba Mate make, it’s surprising this tea beverage isn’t more common in the United States. Yerba Mate is produced from leaves and young twigs that are dried, shredded, aged for one year in cedar containers before being marketed as yerba mate loose-leaf tea, tea bags or as bottled drinks. Read more about the art of growing and harvesting Yerba Mate.

Some of the Benefits of drinking Yerba Mate

Non-jittery caffeine boost:

According to Dr. Axe, Yerba Mate contains “three stimulants — caffeine, theobromine (the “happy” chemical in chocolate) and theophylline — providing a pleasant morning jolt without coffee’s jitters.” Yerba Mate has around 70-85 mg of caffeine per 8 oz of tea.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Yerba mate contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, niacin (B3), B5 and B complex. It also contains the following essential minerals: calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

More active compounds than green tea.

Yerba Mate contains “196 active compounds, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (green tea has 144).”  This includes health-promoting compounds like carotene, fatty acids, chlorophyll, flavonols, polyphenols, inositol, trace minerals, antioxidants, tannins and at least 15 amino acids.

More benefits highlighted by Dr. Axe include:

1. Kill Colon Cancer Cells

2. Stimulate the Immune System

3. Increase Daily Nutrient Intake

4. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

5. Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Hope you enjoy trying some alternative energy-drink options this week as part of the #bebetter52 challenge. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we do advise you to seek the advice of a doctor before participating in this challenge.