Week 9 (Life) Goal: Look for the Good.


  Unknown-1Focus on the Positive, Not the Negative


This week, when life’s tasks seem overwhelming or situations seem difficult, look for the good within them. The Be BETTER goal is to find the good in all things.


When we change the way we look at a situation, it changes our perspective. During a trip to Kenya in 2009, I promised myself to see the good within every situation for a month. My theory: If the people of Kenya could see the good in their simple yet difficult lives, I could see it within mine. The people of Kenya have the ability to be grateful in all situations, no matter how trying. Kenya was a challenging place for me at times, such as when we heard rats skittering across the floor in our rooms. So I came up with a reason why rats were a positive force in the world.



Once I got back to the United States, the mission to find good continued. I’ve observed, for example, that sometimes our to-do lists become so overwhelming that we forgot the positives within them. For example, currently I am overwhelmed with my wedding to-do list, including mailing invitations to all the guests. Instead of being annoyed by the time it takes to produce and address these invitations, I need to focus on the fact that these are invitations inviting my best friends and family to celebrate my marriage with the love of my life. The two perspectives are dramatically different.