Week 6 (Health): Control your Portions


When it comes to eating, size is everything! Americans tend to eat off bigger plates, so rather than eat a portion that will fill us, we eat what looks filling. This week our Be BETTER Health goal is focused on portion size. Remember that it takes 20 to 30 minutes for your brain to register the fact that your stomach is full. This is important to know, because often we say "I am still hungry," so we eat more. Then, 20 to 30 minutes later, we complain that we ate too much. This week, focus on portion control and commit to eating your meals on smaller plates. If you serve meals on a salad plate, the portion looks bigger, and you trick yourself into eating until you’re full rather than eating until your plate is empty. Bigger is not always better. By eating smaller portions, we cut out unnecessary calories and eat only what our body needs. So next time you serve dinner at home, try using smaller plates. And when snacking, pour those chips into a bowl.


Highlighted Tip of the week: Split a Serving from Fitday.com

When eating out, try splitting a meal with a friend or taking half of your meal home. Most restaurants provide more than one serving in a typical meal. By splitting it up, you can save money and save on the extra calories.

For more tips visit Cooking Light.com for the "10 Top Secrets of Portion Control."