Week 4 (Health): Stretching Practice


This week, create a stretching goal for yourself based on your body’s personal needs. An example: Set a goal of being able to touch your toes by the end of the week, or loosening your back muscles. Finding time to stretch and keep your muscles loose can be hard. Ways to help reach your goals may be to stretch right after a Be BETTER workout, or at the end of the day before bed. One of the most helpful ways to stretch effectively is to take a hot bath or shower to unwind after a hectic day, then take time afterward to stretch. This way your muscles will be warmed up, and your body will be more flexible. Another easy way to reach your stretching goals is to stretch while watching TV. Help your body become more flexible and Be BETTER at stretching this week.  Make your own stretching goal and commit to it each day this week.         Click here for more information on stretching tips.