Week 3 (Life)- Walking Meditation


This week’s health goal is to do a short “walking meditation” for at least five minutes every day this week. The basic idea of a walking meditation is to go for a short walk and clear your mind of daily stresses by concentrating on your breathing, and the sights and sounds that surround you during your walk. Many individuals find a sitting meditation difficult. They may benefit from an active type of meditation such as walking, playing an instrument or doing art.  

A walking meditation should help you clear your mind, refresh your senses, help blood circulate through your body and release endorphins. After doing a five-minute walking meditation for a few days, you’ll be able to do a longer walk as the week goes on. Any type of meditation has numerous benefits. Ideally, by trying a “walking meditation,” you will learn how to silence your thoughts and experience the joy of being in the present moment. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind brushing your hair and the hard ground under your feet This will definitely contribute to a BETTER day in many positive ways!