Week 3 (Health)- Green Super Food Smoothies


This week’s life goal is to make a delicious “green super-food smoothie.” In order to maintain a super vibrant and healthy lifestyle, it is important to incorporate as many “green things” as possible into one’s diet. This week make at least one smoothie that contains a TON of green ingredients. Ingredients to add is spinach, kale, and dandelion greens. Try not to put tons of sweet fruit ingredients, because greens break down better in the body without sugary fruits. You can make the smoothie with an almond milk or coconut milk base. The more “greens” in your system, the BETTER and healthier you will feel!

Try Holly's Green Smoothie from Healthy Green Kitchen.

If you want to introduce yourself to ingredients you may not be familiar, try chlorella and spirulina, which are both made from algae. Chlorella is packed with B vitamins and antioxidant properties, and is 60 percent protein. Spirulina has similar benefits to chlorella, and helps boost energy and cellular health, as well as helping to maintain immune function. Although some of the chlorella and spirulina products on the market can be expensive, these two ingredients are wonderful to add to a green super-food smoothie.