Week 17 (Life) Goal: Give Compliments


Free ComplimentsGive ComplimentsGiving compliments can be trickier than it seems. Flattering someone with words is not the easiest feat on the planet. But once you start, it becomes infectious, and you won't want to stop! This week commit to sincerely complimenting at least one person a day.

The benefit of giving compliments is simple: It makes others feel good. By complimenting someone, you make him or her feel loved and adored, a feeling we all strive for. So spread a little “feel good” this week.

Here are 25 ideas of compliments to give.

Pick your favorite three or come up with your own original ideas, and overuse them this week!

I appreciate you. You are wonderful. Thank you for being you.

You look lovely. You are so considerate. You are amazing. You are friendly. I like your style. How did you get so adorable?

You are kind. You are funny.

I value your input. You are important to me. I can't wait to spend more time with you.

You make me smile. You are intelligent. You are capable. I appreciate your hard work.

You make me feel good.

You are an inspiration to everyone. You are loved. Your input is valuable to me. What would we do without you?

You are fabulous. I love you!

Guaranteed, the good feelings will come back to you!