Week 1 (Life)- Post it. BREATHE


Most people do not know how to breathe properly, let alone actually breathe deeply throughout the day. Deep breathing has a long list of benefits including reducing stress, eliminating tension, releasing toxins, improving the quality of blood, and boosting energy levels. This week put post-it- notes in places where you will consistently see them throughout the day labeled “BREATHE” as a reminder to stop and practice deep breathing. Put some in your working space, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom! Here is a link with the numerous benefits of deep breathing as well as some techniques: http://www.onepowerfulword.com/2010/10/18- benefits-of-deep-breathing-and-how.html




It’s amazing how often we forget to breathe correctly throughout the day. The post-it-notes should serve as a great reminder to check in with yourself during the day and remember to be BETTER by breathing.