Ways you paid it forward #bebetter52


@chasingmyhalo says "Not sure how to capture #payitforward for this weeks challenge, but dud gets a free lunch!

Ways you paid it forward this week! #bebetter52

Shelle- wishing a prayer of love and laughter for each person we come in contact with

Erica- I got a baby gift for the woman who works at my dry cleaners. She is due in a few weeks and she is often the first person I speak to in the morning. She is kind and respectful and very excited about her first child. I gave her a baby blanket and bib set.

I also tipped a bunch of people extra - just because.

Annette- I've spent a huge part of my week sewing and supervising teams of sewers to make sustainable feminine hygiene kits for girls in Africa.

Michelle-Went to Assistance League to sign up my daughter and I volunteer at this wonderful organization. Also did the Unicef Tap Water Project for approx 3 hours giving at least 12 days of water!

Alixis- I let in anybody who was trying to turn into my lane or into traffic!


Jerri-Paid for the customer behind me at Starbucks drive through. Helped out in my community church.

Clark- I was at the recycle place for yard waste and helped a lady clear out her trailer of all the pine needles and pine cones.

Sue- I gave the guy who washed my car at the car wash a $29 tip. I pulled an elderly lady's luggage to her terminal for her. I brought my office mate lunch. I smiled at a panhandler, I gave two people some of the prize materials I won, and I drove sister missionaries to a home.

Kelsey- This is silly but one of the most meaningful acts of service Ive experienced a few times is when strangers in the parking lot see that I'm struggling with my kids and after I've loaded my groceries in my car they take my cart and put it away for me. It's a little thing but it makes a huge difference when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I paid it forward this week by looking for young moms in the parking lot and doing the same thing. 

Melanie-  Over the week, I went out of my way to let people go ahead of me in line, I told a guy he'd forgotten to take a sticker off his new pants, I tried to be more patient with my kids, and it really helped. Thanks for the fun challenge!


Sharron- I bought someone in need a meal, let people who looked impatient go ahead of me in line, took some magazines to a low income senior apartment complex down my street, took care of my neighbor's cat, bought the person in the Starbucks drive thru behind me their latte, and gave a bag of food the the school food drive.

Katie- Recently, I had a birthday party with a few of my close friends. They made my birthday so special and I enjoyed spending the day with them. I payed it forward to them by writing them all sentimental thank you cards with hand-drawn illustrations. I can't wait to give my friends the cards to let them know how much I appreciate them. I also hope that I inspire them to pay it forward.