Water #bebetter52

Ever since we were children, we’ve been told to drink eight, 8-ounce cups of water daily. We all know it is difficult to drink the correct amount of water our bodies should be receiving every day.  

This week's #bebetter52 challenge is to drink more water. Below are some tips to help you achieve that challenging goal.

Tip 1:

Get a cute, reusable water bottle! One thing to stay on track with drinking more water is having a super fashionable water bottle. It has become an accessory, almost like a phone or keys. Not only will you be sporting around a fun new item, but you will also be helping the environment! By using a reusable water bottle, you are reducing the amount of fossil fuels in the air during the production. It is also better for your health to not drink out of plastic. Reusable bottles are also BPA and lead-free!

Tip 2:

Get a water app! Technology is growing quickly and becoming more and more innovative. Apps have been created for cell phones that will water a virtual plant to remind you to drink more water. There is one app that if you do not water your plant enough, it will die; in order to feed it, you must drink a certain amount of water. Multiple apps are out there, so if technology is your thing, that is one way to help you to remember to drink more fluids.

Tip 3 :

Many people simply do not like the taste of water. Do not fear, for there are ways around that! You can simply add fruit such as a berries or lemons to add a sweet or tangy flavor. You can also add cucumber and mint to have an earthier taste. Multiple healthy ways can be found to incorporate new flavors into your water that will help you sustain a good drinking habit.

Now we have some tips on HOW to drink more water, let’s get into WHY you should drink more. Hydration is a huge contributor to brain function. In fact, studies reveal even a small amount of dehydration can impair aspects of brain function. Drinking water can also help reduce headaches and migraines. Nothing is worse than going through the day and getting a bad headache to put a damper on your mood. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can also help with weight loss! Now who doesn't love that? The more cold water you drink can actually boost your metabolic rate, which is one reason water helps with weight loss. The best time to drink a cold glass of water is half an hour before eating because you will feel full and eat less during meals! Here is a website that can help YOU personally know how much water you should drink daily based on your weight and activity level. 

I hope these tips on how to drink more water and the reasons why help you complete the #bebetter52 challenge!