Week 28 (Life): Think before you spend


Think before you SpendDont just spend. Think before you spend Sometimes it feels like all we do is spend money. We walk around blindly with our credit card, spending our dollars on carts full of Target goods, Costco products and $75 weekly gas tank refills. You might have all the money in the world, so you’re not worried about saving money. But our goal this week is not about saving. Our Be BETTER goal is about paying attention to your spending habits. It is about not buying items you already have or do not need – and doing it for a whole week.

There is something completely liberating about being resourceful. Instead of stopping every morning at Starbucks, make coffee at home. Instead of eating lunch out every day, pack a lunch to take to work.

Instead of buying new jeans, hem the jeans you have.

Instead of driving everywhere, walk to the local store to save money on gas.

Instead of buying a new lotion, use the four half-full ones tucked away under your sink.

The list goes on forever. This week, find satisfaction in knowing you didn’t spend money on unnecessary items. Consider being resourceful and saving money an adventure that makes you feel more alive.

Ask yourself these 3 questions before you purchase this week

  1. Do I already have this product? If yes, don’t buy. You might be surprised at how many pairs of flip-flops are sitting in your closest, when you really just need one or two.
  2. Do I need it right now? Sometimes we spend just because we know we will need it later. After a trip to Costco, we come home with seven deodorants when all we needed was one. Buy what you need. Don’t hoard what you might need in the future.
  3. Can I be resourceful with items; I already have, instead of buying this item?

Spending Facts:

Is packing your lunch really cheaper? Turns out $1500 cheaper.