Week 16 (Life) Goal: Talk to Strangers


Talk to StrangersThis week's life goal: Talk to Strangers This may seem like a strange life goal. It’s the rare individual who can strike up a conversation with almost anyone he or she encounters, but this is your goal! We have been told our whole lives since we were children, “Do NOT talk to strangers.” Well, now we are telling you TO talk to strangers. Try to approach at least three new people this week. Go up to someone in the market. Strike up a conversation at your favorite coffee shop. Chat up your seatmate on an airplane. At one point in our lives, everyone we know now was a stranger!

What are the benefits of talking to strangers? Talking to strangers can increase your confidence, giving you the feeling that you can talk to anyone. Plus, increasing the amount you interact with people in general is good for your health.

Not sure how to approach someone? Start small with eye contact and a smile. Eventually, you can work your way up to saying a quick hello and engaging in some small talk.

Talking to strangers will help you become more confident, friendly and sociable. Make it your goal to talk to three strangers this week. You never know whom you may meet!

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The I TALK TO STRANGERS Foundation is a newly forming 501(c)3 non-profit and  worldwide social movement aimed at increasing conversation between people of different ages, nationalities, races, backgrounds, and economic classes in order to bring us together as a people.

Click here to watch the mini Video on I TALK TO STRANGERS