Thank A Veteran #bebetter

Veterans’ Day is a holiday to commemorate all military veterans who have served in the armed forces. It falls on November 11th, the day World War I ended. We would like to thank all our veterans for their unselfish service, dedication, and sacrifice. It is because of them we feel safer and more secure in an unstable world today.

This week’s #bebettermovement challenge is to thank a veteran. This can be done by thanking someone you know who has served our great country or by writing a veteran a letter expressing your appreciation for service given.

Going into November, we would like to remind everyone to be thankful for all we have.  Although this challenge is specifically toward veterans, we encourage everyone to be grateful for every little aspect of our lives.

November is a month to feel grateful for our veterans, our family and friends, and for all other blessings, large or small, in life. So in this month of thanksgiving, take time this week to thank a veteran!