Aly's Angle on Talking to Strangers


Aly VislockyHave you ever looked around as you are walking down the street or driving in a car and thought, “Every single person on this earth has an existing world full of experience and knowledge?” OK, maybe it’s just me, but that blows my mind. I just watched the show “Breaking Amish,” where a mid-20s man who spent his whole life living in an Amish community moves to New York City to live an "English" life. If I saw him walking the streets of New York, I wouldn’t give him a second thought because he now wears clothes that any 20-year-old would wear. But his life experience is unique, and without a conversation I would never hear his story. Everyone has a story, and without sparking conservation, we fail to connect with those around us.

Most of the time I get in my "zone" and feel inconvenienced by strangers’ conversation, but that is just sad. What is the point of life? Isn’t it to connect with other people? Most of the time when I do talk to strangers, I leave the conversation fascinated by their being. I am excited about this weeks goal and the focus on talking to strangers