Pack a lunch: Buy a freezer lunch bag


pack a lunchPack a lunch

Packing a lunch for the day has always been something I pride myself on. Mostly because I love buying groceries, so I always have a stuffed refrigerator. I think my attraction to groceries reflects how I was raised. I remember a refrigerator full of cut fruits and veggies, and healthy snacks on the shelves.   During graduate school, my colleagues would always boost my self-esteem as they commented on my packed lunches. Little Ziplock bags full of baby carrots, containers of last night’s dinner and snack packs of Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels. Life is a little different now, though. Most of the time I am at home during lunch. So this week, I made sure to pack a dinner. This dinner had to endure the heat of the car while I coached lacrosse.

My solution: I bought a little kid’s freezer lunch bag.

Aly's Angle

Conclusion: It is awesome!

This week I packed a salad with dressing and applesauce on the side. When I opened up my lunch bag, the food was satisfyingly cold.   It feels good to be resourceful, and packing a lunch allows me to use up leftovers that might otherwise go bad.   Next challenge is to pack my husband’s lunch for work. Should I buy him a cute kiddie lunch bag like mine?   What do you think?