Week 30-31 (Health) Goal: Natural Sunscreen


Natural Sunscreen Did you know that any change in the pigmentation of your skin is considered skin damage? We normally think of sun damage as sunburn, especially if the skin blisters or peels. But any tanning of your skin is considered sun damage. Avoiding such damage isn’t easy, but it is very important to your long-term skin health! This week, make sunscreen a priority and take the extra time to put on sunscreen every day before you leave the house. Better yet, invest in natural sunscreen. According to The Daily Green “although the Food and Drug Administrations and manufacturer might feel chemicals inside sunscreen are okay, many suspect ingredients including oxybenzone, could disrupt the human hormonal system and that Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) may boost skin cancer risk.” Natural sunscreens limit the amount of chemicals you put on your skin, therefore absorbed into your body.

Once you buy the natural sunscreen. First things first: your face. Your face is the most exposed area of your body, so the skin on your face is likely to experience the most damage. Using sunscreen on your face every day is crucial. For women, using makeup with sunscreen is a great option. For best coverage of your skin, use SPF 15 or stronger.

The beach always holds the promise of fun, but it can be detrimental to your skin. Whenever you are in a swimsuit, it is best to apply SPF 30 or higher, especially on hot days. For maximum results, apply your sunscreen before leaving the house, or at least 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun.

Even on cloudy days, your skin is exposed to harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause permanent skin damage. Applying sunscreen every day is the best way to avoid skin damage and stay healthy. Trying to go the extra step? If you are aiming to avoid chemicals, try a variety of natural sunscreen options. From homemade to expensive celebrity brands, there are numerous options for sunscreen alternatives!

Natural Sunscreen Products and Homemade Sunscreen recipes: What are the best natural sunscreens products out there? Check out the 21 top most affordable natural sunscreens out on the market according to TheDailyGreen.com

Some on the list include: Purple Prairie SunStuff Natural Sunscreen and Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen

If you have any interest in making your own sunscreen, here is a sunscreen recipe from Wellness Mama