Guided Meditation #bebetter52


Why do we say we are too busy to relax when relaxing actually helps us get our work done more efficiently?

Meditation is easier and less time-consuming than most people think because you can choose where and when you want to do it!

Whether it be downloading an app or listening to a CD or watching a video online, this week’s #bebetter52 challenge invites you to participate in at least one guided meditation during the week. Apps such as “Headspace: Meditation” and “Calm” are free in the app store and have instructors who tell you exactly what to do through breathing and thought exercises.  

Having a well-rested mind keeps you sharp and alert throughout the course of your day. When we are stressed, the need for mediation helps calm our adrenal glands by relieving them for over-producing cortisol- the stress hormone. Meditation can help with lowering blood pressure, boosting your immunity, reducing pain, and improving overall heart health. Along with these physical benefits, meditation increases happiness, productivity, and concentration. So, what are you waiting for! 
We understand it may seem difficult finding a time within the day to relax your body and mind.

Here are a few suggestions:

After showering or while taking a bath can both be great times to relax and meditate.

During lunch break at work, meditation can help you de-stress and effectively work through the rest of your day.

Before going to sleep at night, take time to put your mind and body at rest with meditation and reflect on what you are thankful for.

When you wake up, allow time to focus on what you hope to accomplish throughout the day.

Be sure to take the time to relax your mind and body through guided meditation!

Plant Tomatoes #bebetter52

Plant Tomatoes #bebetter52

This weeks #bebetter52 challenge is to plant tomatoes. Gardening is known to not only be therapeutic, but also economically healthy. Let us know how your gardening went and share some tips for success.


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Thank A Veteran #bebetter

Veterans’ Day is a holiday to commemorate all military veterans who have served in the armed forces. It falls on November 11th, the day World War I ended. We would like to thank all our veterans for their unselfish service, dedication, and sacrifice. It is because of them we feel safer and more secure in an unstable world today.

This week’s #bebettermovement challenge is to thank a veteran. This can be done by thanking someone you know who has served our great country or by writing a veteran a letter expressing your appreciation for service given.

Going into November, we would like to remind everyone to be thankful for all we have.  Although this challenge is specifically toward veterans, we encourage everyone to be grateful for every little aspect of our lives.

November is a month to feel grateful for our veterans, our family and friends, and for all other blessings, large or small, in life. So in this month of thanksgiving, take time this week to thank a veteran!

Pack a lunch: Buy a freezer lunch bag


pack a lunchPack a lunch

Packing a lunch for the day has always been something I pride myself on. Mostly because I love buying groceries, so I always have a stuffed refrigerator. I think my attraction to groceries reflects how I was raised. I remember a refrigerator full of cut fruits and veggies, and healthy snacks on the shelves.   During graduate school, my colleagues would always boost my self-esteem as they commented on my packed lunches. Little Ziplock bags full of baby carrots, containers of last night’s dinner and snack packs of Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels. Life is a little different now, though. Most of the time I am at home during lunch. So this week, I made sure to pack a dinner. This dinner had to endure the heat of the car while I coached lacrosse.

My solution: I bought a little kid’s freezer lunch bag.

Aly's Angle

Conclusion: It is awesome!

This week I packed a salad with dressing and applesauce on the side. When I opened up my lunch bag, the food was satisfyingly cold.   It feels good to be resourceful, and packing a lunch allows me to use up leftovers that might otherwise go bad.   Next challenge is to pack my husband’s lunch for work. Should I buy him a cute kiddie lunch bag like mine?   What do you think?