Use Left Hand #bebetter52

Use Left Hand #bebetter52


It’s surprisingly easy to get into a routine. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, return, sleep, repeat ad nauseam. What effect is this having on your well-being? According to an article by Psychology Today “…even good, healthy routines can drag us down if we don’t break them and re-form them from time to time” (Selig, Routines). Doing the same thing every day, over and over, can lead to a sense of boredom or unhappiness. For one’s own sanity, it’s crucial to modify a routine every now and again and try something new.

For this week’s #bebetter52 challenge, we’re going to do exactly that. Something new doesn’t need to be as significant as quitting a job or adopting a pet. Instead, you’re going to focus on something smaller, trying to use your non-dominant hand. Changes you might try with your non-dominant hand include: eating a meal, waving to a friend, or brushing your teeth.

It may seem insignificant at first, but this simple act of doing something unconventionally will have surprising effects on your day. Instead of going through your usual activities on auto-pilot, changing them just a little will force you to be more perceptive of your actions and what’s going on around you. Rather than ignoring the beauty and joy that surrounds us everyday, focusing on small actions ensures that life’s little moments will not go unappreciated.

Additionally, this minor modification of using your non-dominant hand might catalyze further changes in your daily routine. By being more aware of the way you move through your day, you will find it easier to recognize the aspects that have grown monotonous. Maybe you can drive a different route back home or try a new restaurant that’s opened up nearby. While it is undoubtedly comfortable to stick to a tried and true routine, moving outside your comfort zone helps keep life fresh and exciting. So hopefully, when you go to close this website, you’ll use your non-dominant hand.

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