Mushrooms #bebetter52

Although mushrooms are considered a part of the veggie world, they actually belong to the fungi kingdom. This fungi holds many nutrients and vitamins many people may not realize. For example, eating naturally grown foods such as mushrooms can help decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, mushrooms in your diet improve complexion and hair and increase one’s daily energy.

This weeks #bebetter52 challenge is to incorporate mushrooms into a meal. Although most people know what mushrooms are, not everyone understands the health benefits they have.

To dive into more specifics, mushrooms contain a mineral called Selenium which plays a role in liver enzyme function. This mineral helps prevent cancerous compounds and decreases tumor growth rates and inflammation. The selenium, as well as high vitamin D, inhibit these cancer growth rates. Mushrooms also contain fiber, potassium and vitamin C. They promote a healthy heart by regulating blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

There are many ways to cook mushrooms, and if you're not a huge fan of fungi, expand your horizons! Some ideas for non-mushroom eaters might be trying a portobello burger or feta stuffed mushrooms. Many cool mushroom recipes can be easily found on the internet and are definitely worth a try, especially with all the added health benefits.

So, be sure to go out to your nearest grocery store and grab some mushrooms to get your week started right!