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Farmers Market #bebetter52

Whether it is fruit, vegetables, honey, or baked bread, your local farmers’ market will most likely have it. Not only are the products fresher than what is sold in grocery stores but shopping local can have a positive impact on the environment and your personal health.

 This week’s #bebetter52 challenge: Attend a farmers’ market and support a local farmer. Bring as little as $5--$10 with you and purchase locally grown produce. You do not have to buy huge quantities; it can be as small as a basket of fresh strawberries, just as long as it is locally grown. This way you will not only be buying the freshest produce, but you will also be supporting farmers in your community

Benefits of attending a farmers’ market and eating local:

Eating Seasonally


Farmers’ markets only sell what is in season, which means none of the produce has been genetically modified or shipped long distances. Buying produce in season also ensures the food is ripe and healthier for you. The natural sugars in fruits and vegetables are at their peak when the produce is in season, giving you the best taste and nutrients possible.

Environmental Benefits

Big farming companies use harmful chemicals and pesticides that can damage the soil and the ecosystem, and the fuel from their shipping trucks and smog from their giant packing houses pollute the air. Small family farms, on the other hand, maintain healthy, nutrient-rich soil, and their food doesn’t have to travel far to your table.

Knowing Exactly Where Your Food Comes From

It is important to know exactly what goes into your food and how it is processed. At farmers’ markets you can simply ask the farmer how the produce is grown, and he or she will tell you everything you need to know. In big grocery stores, produce can sit on a shelf for weeks before it is purchased. However, farmers at the local market can tell you the exact date the produce was picked, often no more than a day or two before. 

Connecting with the Community

Attending your local farmers’ market once a week is a great way to get to know the small business owners in your community. It is also an enjoyable place to take your family or meet up with friends to enjoy the fun activities and live entertainment often provided. The farmers’ market is a perfect place to meet new people, try new foods, and spend Saturday afternoons.

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