Week 24 (Health) Goal: Study your Supplements


Study your SupplementsThis week’s health goal:
 Study your Supplements What do you already know about supplements? Turns out what you know may not be right – and  what we know may surprise you.  If your supplements are the store-bought kind, they may not be as beneficial as you might think.  Most supplements are derived from synthetic sources. For example, vitamin B2 is derived from riboflavin, or what we call acetic acid. Folic acid is derived from petroleum and acetylene. Vitamin D is derived from irradiated sheep’s wool (gross!). In other words, your supplements are not derived from the best sources.

What can you do about this?  The best option is to eat a balanced diet

with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in order to get all of your nutrients. However, most of us find this difficult to do. Luckily, there is a company called Touchstone Essentials that derives its supplements from healthy sources. Touchstone’s vitamin B2 comes from rice bran, barley grass and mushrooms. Its folic acid comes from spinach, rice bran and broccoli.  As for Touchstone vitamin D, it comes from mushrooms.  For more information on natural supplements that we suggest, visit www.suzannestavert.com. Touchstone uses natural minerals. Its plant-based supplements are pure, unprocessed and fully bioavailable to meet the demands of discriminating consumers.