Week 26 (Health) Goal: Skip Sugar


SugarThis week’s goal:  Skip the sugar! Sugar is in more products than we realize. Of course, we know that doughnuts and soda are full of sugar, but did you know your bagel is full of it, too? Start checking labels! Avoid foods that are high in sugars, including breads, pastries, muffins, and candy. All these foods should be avoided this week.

In our society, diabetes is on the rise. Yet, many forms of diabetes are life-style related. What does this mean?  It means many people who have diabetes could prevent it if they changed elements of their lifestyle, such as their diet and exercise regime. Be proactive in your own life by skipping the sugar.

Opt for sugar alternatives, such as Stevia. Better yet, get natural forms of sugar, like those from fruits and berries! They are way better for your body. This week, stay low on sugar, and you will be high up on the health scale!