Simplify of your life: Be Better Challenge


Simplify your lifeSimplify Your Life: Be Better Challenge

The best advice someone might give you is to “simplify.” At times when our life feels so busy and complicated, stopping for a moment to assess the relevance of the things we do seems like a waste of time. To stop means failing to complete. The problem is that there is never enough time in the day to finish everything on our list of to-do’s. Therefore, we need to simplify our lives so that what we achieve each day feels like an accomplishment, not a failure. The act of simplifying is personal because no one but you can determine what has become complicated. Simplify

This weeks’ Be Better challenge is to simplify your life. In the moments when life feels complicated by stuff or details, stop and consider how to make it simpler. This week, read “Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life” by Zen Habits. This article is packed with tangible tasks that will assist in this simplification. As part of the Be Better Challenge, choose four items to focus on this week. To make it simple, focus on one at a time.

For example:

· The more stuff we own: The more clutter in our house, the more money we spend on maintenance and storage.

· The more things we have to do: The more we spread ourselves thin and the more we fail to be present in the moment, the more stress we feel.

· The more complicated we make things: The less we enjoy the process, the more anxious we become.

We are attracted to the idea of escaping to an island retreat or to a remote cabin because it seems as though life will be simpler there. Although most of us will never repair to an isolated destination, we have the ability to simplify our life by making decisions that create a life full of simple pleasures.

Remember, as you participate in the Be Better Challenge, to encourage others to join by posting pictures of your Be Better accomplishments on social media. Use the hashtag #bebettechallenge