Be Better Member of the Week: Simone



Be Better Member of the week: Simone

daughter, a middle school student, and an athlete

I am 13 years old, and I live in Newport Beach, California

Why did you decide to do the #bebetter52 challenge?

I decided to do the challenge because I wanted to give to a variety of charities throughout the entire year, while still incorporating a healthy lifestyle with my friends.


What has been your favorite challenge?


My favorite challenge so far has been the ‘Introducing Dairy Alternatives’ challenge because it introduced me to Almond Milk, and now I drink it instead of milk!


What has been the most difficult challenge?

I think the hardest challenge so far has been the ‘Meditative Walks’ because it required me to get up earlier, but it actually energized me to the rest of the day.



How do you describe the challenge to friends?

I describe it as a fun way to make money for charity while being encouraged to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Donating to charity encourages me to complete the challenge and post for the extra dollar. Yes, I also feel connected to the charities because I feel I am actually helping people who need it.