Self Acupressure #bebetter52


Self Acupressure #bebetter52acu

Who doesn’t love a natural treatment? We understand the fear of needles, pills, or acupuncture for attempts to heal your body’s aches, so this week we are encouraging you to use a technique called self-acupressure. Self-acupressure, rooted in Chinese medicine, is when you use your fingers to adjust or press on specific regions of the body in attempts to heal an area where the body is having a problem. The manual pressure is typically applied by the thumb or middle finger for about 2-4 minute intervals.

According to goodrelaxation, self-acupressure can clear blockage by targeting specific problem areas and opening up the flow of energy throughout the body. This renewed energy allows the body to flush out harmful toxins and can even reduce stiffness and anxiety in the body.

One attractive benefit of self-acupressure is relaxation. With the daily stresses we all face, we are constantly striving for a way to de-stress and unwind after long weeks. Acupressure is similar to a massage, but it targets key areas. It can soothe muscles, help those who suffer from anxiety or muscle aches, and control one’s pain. You can even use it before a major event, like a surgery or pregnancy, to reduce the pain.

But the benefits can even be exterior as well. Facial acupressure can even give us better skin according to purenaturalhealing

Purenaturalhealing explains that by using the right pressure points, we can get glowing and more youthful skin because acupressure improves the metabolism and blood circulation in the skin cells.

self acIt is important that we understand where the pressure points on our bodies are and how to properly administer self-acupressure before we try it. Check out wikihow for some diagrams of common pressure points and useful tips.

3 Common Pressure Points from doctoroz:

1.) For Headaches: Apply steady pressure via the opposite thumb in the center of the web – or the “V” – between your thumb and index finger on both hands. Hold for about 2 minutes.

2.) For Sinus Support: Apply moderate pressure on both sides of your nose, where your nose and cheek meet. Hold for 3 minutes. 

3.) For Relaxation and Relieving InsomniaWith your left hand palm-side up, find this pressure point at the end of your wrist crease, just below your little finger. Apply moderate pressure with your right thumb for 5 minutes. Then switch hands and repeat.

Tips found via wikihow:

  • Don’t use a pressure point if it is underneath a bruise, varicose vein, or mole
  • Wait at least a half hour after heavy exercise or taking a bath to try self-acupressure
  • Combine a healthy diet and exercise with self-acupressure
  • Wear comfortable clothing during acupressure
  • Avoid iced drinks because extreme cold and counteract the benefits of self-acupressure

Even if you are not feeling pain this week, take a few minutes out of your week to use self-acupressure and post using #bebetter52. It is a safe and natural treatment that will leave us feeling more relaxed and pain-free.