Week 20 (Life) Goal: Reusable Grocery Bags


reusable-bagThis week’s goal: Use reusable grocery bags

How do you store your grocery bags? Do you have a giant bag full of them? It’s amazing how quickly they build up. First it’s five, then there are 100—and who knows where they all came from or what to do with them? An entire industry is devoted to supplying us with grocery bags, a veritable a factory for creating a recycling problem. Two quick bags at the store, over time, can turn into a big problem in our pantries. Imagine where all of these grocery bags go: into big piles of garbage that pollute our world.

The solution: Reduce, reuse and recycle. There are plenty of options. Use reusable grocery bags. Reuse recyclable grocery bags. Store five grocery bags at home and use them over and over. And don’t forget to recycle your used grocery bags.

Imagine a world in which you had to live with all of your grocery bags forever, and you weren’t able to get rid of them. I guarantee that you would only collect a few. You’d pass up the rest or use recyclables. Now, imagine a world in which everyone did this. There would be no piles of grocery bags at all!

This week, make the switch to reusable grocery bags. And stick to it! This is a goal you do continue year ‘round!