Reusable Water Bottles #bebetter52

Whether environmental issues are at the forefront of your concern or not, we have all heard something about the less-than-satisfactory condition of our planet. If you have ever set out to do  research on current environmental issues, you know it can feel like a wormhole of complex problems with limited solutions. Many of us, quite frankly, choose not to look too deeply into these topics because of how powerless we feel about the bleak narrative surrounding the future of our planet. However, the Be Better Movement is all about taking small steps to improve our lives and the world we live in, so why should we treat the environment any differently? This week is all about recognizing the impact we can make as individuals by taking a simple action that can make a huge difference for the planet.
This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to ditch the plastic and invest in a reusable water bottle. As human beings, we consume a lot of water (or if we don’t, we should be, but that’s a different challenge). Chances are, when buying flats of Dasani or your personal water brand of choice, you are going through about three to five bottles per day. That’s a LOT of plastic! To be exact, we are talking between one and two thousand plastic bottles per year, per person! Hopefully, that startling visual alone is enough for us to realize we are, in fact, saving the planet from a sizable pile of plastic waste by just switching to reusable bottles. However, several other benefits occur by making the switch, including saving money, steering clear of toxins hidden in plastic bottles, keeping our water cold, and even looking stylish if we opt for a fun color or some nifty water bottle stickers. In all seriousness, this challenge is a win win, and we can’t wait to see our 52ers making this change and staying hydrated in an environmentally sustainable way.
Because reusable water bottles are such a plus, it is quite possible many of you have already adopted them as part of your lifestyle. For those of you looking to take your earth-conscious habits to the next level, here are some suggestions about ways to reuse and recycle you may not have considered before. We should consider cutting out plastic straws from our routines. They take 200 years to break down, most are not recycled and many end up in the ocean, posing a serious threat to marine life. Additionally, using a reusable cup for trips to the coffee shop can prevent tons of plastic waste. Many coffee shops such as Starbucks offer a discount incentive for customers who use reusable cups. You might be a little hesitant the first time you hand the barista a mason jar for your latté, but they are actually happy to accommodate reusable containers. 

We hope this week’s challenge creates an opportunity to think about ways to create less waste and help out the earth with daily choices that make a big difference.


Emilie Allen

I started interning at the Be Better Movement because my passions aligned with the organization’s vision, and I was excited to help that vision grow. I have always loved all things related to holistic health and wellness, so promoting creative challenges that motivate others to try new things and be their best selves was a perfect fit!