Reflect on the Year #bebetter52


Screenshot 2014-12-10 12.07.29Reflect on the Year #bebetter52

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is an opportunity to reflect on all the wellness challenges you attempted in 2015 and decide which ones you wish to carry over into 2016. As we enter the new year, some of the challenges will be repeats because we feel like they are too important to skip, and some will be entirely new. We have assigned the 2016 challenges to correlate with specific times of the year, so that they will be seasonal and sustainable. Although the Be Better team has attempted to assign the most impactful challenges to the 2016 calendar, we need your help this week.

We would love it if you would give us your feedback on your favorite challenges of the year, and also the ones you didn’t like as much. You are not only a part of the Be Better Movement, you are the movement.

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We believe that every person has the ability to change his or her world and the world. We are so excited to support you in this journey in 2016.

Please spread the word that in 2016 the 52-week challenge is free. With a quick, easy sign-up, everyone will start receiving the challenges on January 1, 2016.

So this week (Dec 28-31), the challenge is for you to reflect and give back to Be Better. We need a couple of questions answered.

Week 1: Lemon Water

Week 2: Morning Routine

Week 3: Healthy Smoothies

Week 4: Just Say Hello

Week 5: Healthy Nuts

Week 6: Love Letters

Week 7: 30 Second Tasks

Week 8: Sleep

Week 9: Herbal Tea

Week 10: Phone Timeouts

Week 11: Drink Water

Week 12: Meditative Walks

Week 13: Ginger Root

Week 14: Spoil Yourself

Week 15: Dairy Alternatives

Week 16: Pay it Forward

Week 17: Mindful Eating

Week 18: Post it Note

Week 19: Plant Herbs

Week 20: Call a Friend

Week 21: Deep Breathing

Week 22: Farmers Markets

Week 23: Avocados

Week 24: Vitamin D

Week 25: Give Compliments

Week 26: Be Soda “less”

Week 27: Non-toxic cleaning Supplies

Week 28: Reusable Grocery Bags

Week 29: Give Hugs

Week 30: Peppermint

Week 31: New Uses, Old Things

Week 32: Coconut Oil

Week 33: Power of Music

Week 34: Honey

Week 35: Photo Letters

Week 36: Omega-3

Week 37: 15 Minute tasks

Week 38: Self Acupressure

Week 39: Clean out Closet

Week 40: Salad

Week 41: Email Journaling

Week 42: Food Combining

Week 43: Recycling

Week 44: Epsom Salt

Week 45: Frame a Picture

Week 46: Cayenne Pepper

Week 47: Social Responsible Shopping

Week 48: Kale

Week 49: Holiday Tradition

Week 50: Family Recipes

Week 51: Beans

Week 52: Reflect on the Year