Reflection before Resolutions #bebetter52


The Be Better movement and its challenges all focus on the idea that little changes in your life add up to a healthier and happier self. However, when is the last time you actually stopped to look back on the year to see how much you've grown? This week's Be Better challenge takes the focus off striving to Be Better and focuses on how you were better in 2017.  

This week's Be Better Challenge asks you to reflect on the year and to list 3 things you accomplished in 2017. Be creative in how you want to document your list! You can write a letter to yourself highlighting the great, grand, and wonderful achievements of the past year, or you could reflect in your journal or personal blog on the successes you've experienced.

Sharing weekly challenges to help you strive to be better is rewarding to us, and we love hearing back from you and viewing your photos. This week we want to remind you that you do not always have to do more and be more in order to be better. Reflecting on this year is a positive way to see how you have grown and to recognize and celebrate what you have accomplished. This week we want you to focus particularly on the areas in which you excelled in 2017 rather than on the things you still hope to improve. Post a picture of the creative way you documented your list and use the hashtag #bebetter52 to see how others completed this week's challenge!