Reduce Plastic Waste #bebetter52

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Happy Earth Day!

Whether environmental issues top your list of concerns for our future or not, we have all heard something about the less-than-satisfactory condition of our planet. If you have ever set out to do research on current environmental issues, you know it can feel like a wormhole of complex problems with limited solutions. Many of us, quite frankly, choose not to look too deeply into these topics because of how powerless we feel about the bleak narrative surrounding the future of our planet. However, the Be Better Movement is all about taking small steps to improve our lives and the world we live in, so why should we treat the environment any differently? This week is all about recognizing the impact we can make as individuals by taking a simple action which can make a huge difference for the planet.

Plastic is everywhere, and nearly 300 million tons of plastic is thrown away annually by Americans, half of which is for single use. This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to reduce your plastic waste by finding ways to eliminate single-use plastic items. Notice all the times you grab for a ziplock bag at home or produce bags from the grocery store and quickly throw them away. Every time you replace a single-use plastic item with a reusable replacement, you are making a difference.

The next time a grocery cashier asks you whether you want paper or plastic, hopefully after this week’s challenge, you will respond “neither” because you have a reusable bag. By keeping a few cloth bags in your car and carrying them with you to the grocery store, you can decrease the number of plastic and paper bags in circulation. Simply using a cloth bag can help keep nature clean and safe for animals.

As mentioned, plastic has negative, long-lasting effects on our environment. The average American goes through six disposable shopping bags a week. Maybe that number sounds miniscule, but if you multiply that by our current U.S. population and the 52 weeks in a year, the number starts to look scary. According to, lightweight plastic bags often end up flying away from landfills, only to land in trees and oceans. Approximately 1 million birds and 100,000 turtles and other sea creatures die each year after ingesting plastic bags which block their digestive tracts. Let’s start this week to lower our plastic and paper bag use and keep the earth and its creatures happy!

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