Recycling #bebetter52


b119ac70-9d60-48b5-bcc5-6a8641d72c52Recycle #bebetter52

Recycle, recycle, it’s not hard to do, you can reduce the pollution and help the world too!

This Week’s #bebetter52 challenge is easy . . . recycle! It can be paper, plastic, bottles, cans, etc. Anything that has the three-chasing-arrows symbol is fair game.

The average American produces about 4.3 pounds of garbage a day. Multiply that by the 300 million-plus people who live in the United States, and that’s enough waste to fill 63,000 garbage trucks. Where does all this trash go? Approximately 55 percent ends up in landfills, 12.5 percent goes to incinerators, and only 33 percent is recycled.

Everyone has been told that recycling helps the earth but not necessarily why. The benefits of recycling are endless. Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps sustain the environment for future generations. On top of all its environmental rewards, recycling also helps generate new, well-paying jobs. Knowing all that, who wouldn’t want to recycle?

Here are some ways to recycle and keep our Earth green:

  1. Buy reusable bags or reuse plastic bags.
  1. Buy rechargeable batteries.
  1. Buy products made from recycled material.
  1. Recycle phone and other electronics if they die.
  1. Compost.
  1. Donate clothing.

So this week, remember that by recycling, you are not only bettering yourself but the entire world!

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