Reconnect with Old Friends #bebetter52


Life is busy, and sometimes it feels impossible to keep in touch with old friends.

Between social media, email and text messages, we often let months go by without picking up a phone and having a live conversation with a close friend. You might think the convenience of the above methods outweighs the act of dialing a phone and actually talking, but this is not the case. We should not let an important relationship of the past simply dwindle or fade away. Make it a priority to nurture your relationships with conversation over the phone or in person.

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to choose two friends whom you want to reach out to during the week. Take a few minutes to call or meet up in person; text messages do not count. We are confident this extra effort will bring joy into your life and likely brighten their day, too. The phone calls or meet ups do not have to be long, but try your best not to be distracted. Be present and appreciate the genuine conversation.

Why friendship is important?

“Life wouldn't be nearly as interesting, exciting or emotional without friends along for the ride. Friends are there to teach us about how other people work – they are our window to the world outside ourselves and our family life.” –Elite Daily

Truth can be deceiving on social media. Although it might appear life is “peachy” over Facebook, most of the time a good chat with a friend is necessary to process the little bumps and trials we face in life. Communicating voice-to-voice or face-to-face is necessary to having authentic conversations and sustaining real relationships.

An interesting article on the AARP website explains how reconnecting to old friends from one’s past isn’t just “a stroll down memory lane” but has tangible health benefits.

Nurture your friendships this week by making the phone calls or scheduling the meet ups necessary to connect through conversation.

And remember Be Better Movement donates extra money every time you document the challenge completion. We do understand this one might be difficult to visually record, so feel free to just post a picture of your closest friends with the hashtag #bebetter52.