Spend Quality Time


Quality TimeQuality Time

By Aly SImons

Practicing the art of being present in the moment in the company of others is becoming harder due to the ever-enticing distractions of our media-driven society. It is not uncommon to see friends out at a restaurant, each having his or her phone within arm’s reach on the table. Occasionally they pick up their phones to see if they missed a text or Facebook status update. You see moms at parks, pushing their children with one hand and checking their phone with the other. You see couples out at dinner, one of whom is distracted by a TV screen hanging on the wall of the restaurant. It is hard, but committing to quality time with loved ones is essential.

Quality Time with Loved OnesWhat is the different between spending time with someone and spending quality time with him or her? You are likely to get a wide range of answers to this question. To many, quality time is a way to create memories and show someone that you care about the relationship. The book Five Love Languages states: “Quality time is giving someone your undivided attention . . . For some people, quality time is their primary love language, and if you don’t give them quality time, they will not feel loved.”

This week our Be Better Challenge is to find at least one moment every day this week to show someone you love him or her by giving that individual your undivided attention. Here’s how we will define quality time:

1. Set your phone in another room, or turn it off.

2. Listen, talk, play, etc. with the individual. Be completely in the moment.

3. Commit to at least five to 10 minutes with that person.

Advanced Be Better goal is to spend quality time with someone during a scheduled “date night.” Don’t even bring your phone. “Date night” does not have to be with a significant other; it can be with a friend, a family member or even with a child.