Week 21 (Life) Goal: Quality Time


focus_on_the_familyThis week’s goal:  Spend 20 more minutes each day with the ones whom you love Increase quality time! This week’s goal is quite simple, yet so important.  Quality time is one of the five love languages.  If you aren’t familiar with these, we suggest reading The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts.http://www.amazon.com/Love-Languages-Secret-That-Lasts/dp/0802473156 In it, Gary Chapman talks about quality time.  He says, “The language of quality time also has many dialects. One of the most common dialects is that of quality conversation. By quality conversation, I mean sympathetic dialogue where two people are sharing their experiences, their thoughts, their feelings, and their desires in a friendly, uninterrupted context. If your spouse’s primary love language is quality time, such dialogue is crucial to his or her emotional sense of being loved. Sit down. Ask questions, and listen.” 

This is an excellent description of quality time. A few tips for increasing quality time: Have a 20-minute period in the evening when you and your family share about your day. This can be over a cell phone-free dinner, or afterward, with no TV. You can turn down the tunes in the car and visit while you drive instead of drowning each other out with music. Whatever you decide on, make sure you aren’t doing something else during this quality time.  Try to keep these precious moments free of distractions.  Make eye contact with the person you are conversing with.  Listen to him or her, and ask yourself if there are emotions behind what that person is saying.  Perhaps this person needs to express something, and you are the perfect person to share with. 


 The goal is to spend at least 20 extra minutes of quality time with loved ones each day this week.  Quality time is meaningful, free from distractions such as cell phones, internet or television.  This extra time will be great for you and your family.  It will allow you to reconnect in meaningful ways.  Give it a try this week!  You will notice a big difference with those you love!