Print Photos #bebetter52

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“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a phrase we’ve been hearing for as long as we can remember. Three hundred million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily, but how many of those photos are ever printed? Here at Be Better, we believe there is something special about physically holding a memory in your hand or honoring a photo by displaying it in a special location. It’s a great way to remind yourself of the people, pets, places and things that matter most in your life.

That is why this week’s challenge is to set aside time to print a couple of your most-treasured photos from your phone or hard drive. What you do with them next is your choice. You can put them in a photo album, hang a few on your refrigerator or display one of your favorite’s on the cute easel that comes in your My Be Better Box.

Whether it’s a picture of you with your family or a landscape you snapped while on a trip, don’t hide your photos away in digital form. Tangible photographs have great value. Choosing which photos to print from so many good ones can be challenging, but this week we want you to set aside some time to enjoy looking through your hard drive or phone.  Don’t overcomplicate which ones to print. If one in particular brings a smile to your face or a feeling of overwhelming love to your heart, print it. You do not need to frame every print or find a place within your house to hang every photo. You can simply put a few on the refrigerator for a month. When done, find a special box to store them that is easily accessible for family, friends and kids to look through. The best memories are ones we can relive again and again!

Two printing options we love:

Artifact Uprising Prints

Artifact Uprising Prints

-Artifact Uprising for high quality prints on cardstock recycled material. You can upload the images directly from your phone.

-Chatbooks for 60 prints selected and placed in a 8 X 8 book. One of their most appealing features is that books can be automatically created from your instagram feed or by “favoriting” a photo on your iPhone. When 60 pictures have been taken, the book ships automatically to your house.

In The Box:

This wooden easel is a unique and creative way to display your photos and perfectly fits the Artifact Uprising prints from the voucher. They are providing you with 10 free prints--just pay shipping and handling-- that you can upload and have mailed to your door. These photos,  printed on high quality card stock made from recycled materials, create a sustainable way to use products that benefit the earth to make sure we can keep making more joy-filled memories.