Power of Music #bebetter52



Power of Music #bebetter52

As Bono once said, “Music can change the world because it can change people”. Music has the ability to inspire us and express the words that many of us struggle to say. Musician’s across the world have created their songs with the hopes that it will leave a positive impact on millions of lives.

When we listen to music we are able to relax and helps us cope with pain. For many of us listening to music helps us remain calm and improves our mood. It is difficult to imagine our lives without the impact of music.

This week's #BeBetter52 challenge is simple: Listen to Music! Whether it’s to exercise, help you sleep, study, or work it doesn’t matter. For an added challenge try to listen to songs that remind you of your childhood so you can reminisce and reflect. We can’t wait to see how music impacts your well being this week and every week.

There is such a wide range of music available to us all and a song for every emotion you can possibly imagine. Music can make us happier, as it has the ability to cause the brain to release dopamine or the “feel good” chemical. The psychological benefits from listening to music are endless

According to an USA Today Article researchers discovered multiple health benefits to listening to music. Listed below are a few of many positive benefits that you can gain from listening to music!

  • Listening to classical music before going to sleep has shown to help treat insomnia in college students.
  • Music can help induce a meditative state as listening to slower musical beats can alter brainwave speed.
  • Playing your favorite beats while in the car can elevate your mood. Listening to catchy music can help you stay happy and avoid the dreaded road rage.
  • Music can also help to manage and ease pain. Not only does music distract, it also increases the production of immune-boosting hormones and decreases cortisol levels.

The benefits to listening to music are endless so be sure to get out and listen to your favorite songs this week and to #bebetter.