Post-it Note Challenge #bebetter52

Post it note.jpg

Buddha once said, "What you feel, you attract." This week's Be Better Challenge will help you to feel positive so that you can attract positivity.

In this week's post-it note challenge, all you need to do is grab a post-it note, write a positive or encouraging message on it, and stick that post-it where others will see it. Take a picture of the post-it and upload it to Instagram using hastag #bebetter52. When you do, Be Better donates extra money!

There are many options from which to choose to complete this week's post-it note challenge:

-You can write an inspiring message, an encouraging note, or even an uplifting statement. Share a silly joke you heard or even a short poem that moved you.

-These notes can be anonymous and posted at the grocery store, on the work bulletin board, or at the library. They could also be more personal ones and put in your son's lunchbox, on your daughter's bathroom mirror, or on your husband's windshield.  

-You can leave affirmations or encouragement for yourself! Put the post-it on your laptop, on the fridge, or at the office.

With a single pad of Post-it Notes, you have the power to turn what would otherwise have been an ordinary moment in someone’s day into an extraordinary one. The recipients of your notes may simply read them, smile and move on, or they may find themselves genuinely moved by your thoughtfulness and positivity. In either case, you are helping to spread joy in your community (and even the world!) little by little, note by note.

Read heartwarming stories on Operation Beautiful  and Addicted2Success to see how others have used Post-it Notes to make a positive impact.