Post-It Note Challenge #bebetter52


90dfeefd-0073-4c31-9a1a-f6e00e717ae0Post-It Note Challenge #bebetter52

This week’s Be Better Challenge is a simple but impactful one.

Step 1: Grab a Post-it Note.

Step 2: Write a positive, encouraging message on it.

Step 3: Stick that Post-it Note somewhere that others will see it.Step 4 (optional): Take a picture of your uplifting note and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #bebetter52.

This week’s “Post-It Note Challenge” leaves room for lots of creativity:

  • On each Post-it Note, simply write down any positive, uplifting statement or inspirational message you can think of – “You are incredible just the way you are!” “You have a great smile. Don’t forget to share it with the world today!” “You are loved.” Often, little affirmations like these are all it takes for a person to forget about their current problem and be reminded of how wonderful the world truly is. Huffington Post has a great list of encouraging affirmations to help with this week’s challenge, as does Prolific Living. Sticky Quotes is also a great source of inspiration.
  • These notes can be placed on your bathroom mirror, in your kids’ lunch boxes, in the common area at work, on a shopping cart or arbitrary shelf at the grocery store, on an exercise machine at the gym – anywhere you desire!
  • The notes you write can, of course, be left for someone in particular – your kids, a coworker, a friend in need of a little pick-me-up, even yourself – or written and placed somewhere random for an unsuspecting stranger to see!

With a single pad of Post-it Notes, you have the power to turn what would otherwise have been an ordinary moment in someone’s day into an extraordinary one. The recipients of your notes may simply read them, smile and move on, or they may find themselves genuinely moved by your thoughtfulness and positivity. In either case, you are helping to spread joy in your community (and even the world!) little by little, note by note.

Read heartwarming stories on Operation Beautiful  and Addicted2Success to see how others have used Post-it Notes to make a positive impact.

Be Better by sticking Post-it Notes with positive messages on them anywhere and everywhere!