Post Affirmations #bebetter52

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Sometimes all we need are a few words of encouragement. But who says those words have to come from someone else? Giving yourself a boost can bring you motivation, patience, self-love, and positivity to keep your life moving in the right direction. And receiving these upbeat messages from yourself is sustainable and empowering! That’s why this week at Be Better, we are tapping into the power of self-affirmation.

For this week’s #bebetter52 challenge, we would like you to visually display three positive messages. They can be uplifting and motivational quotes or ones specifically written by you. Post them in places you will see frequently, a bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door, or even your steering wheel, so you can be filled with positivity. You could use a sticky notes, a simple piece of paper with some tape behind it or cute affirmation cards--anything that’s easy to use. Make it simple. Each note should contain a different positive message.


Affirmation tips: These notes should be your chance to build yourself up. Think about something you love most about yourself. Or better yet, focus on one of your weaknesses and use this as an opportunity to become more confident in that area. Let’s say you are self-conscious about the way you talk loudly and come off too strongly at times. Write down how you love how bold and passionate you are because it allows you to accomplish your dreams. This note is an exercise in loving your whole self, even your perceived “flaws.” Self-love is a journey and a conscious effort, so simple affirmations can be the perfect way to reignite that positivity.


Our challenge to you is to write these three notes and leave them up for a week. However, feel free to write as many notes as you like and leave them up for as long as your heart desires. And don’t forget to observe the way it enhances your days and improves your life more than you ever anticipated. Post photos of you and your positive affirmation notes with the hashtag #bebetter52 so we can all see what wonderful traits the Be Better community has. We are so excited to see the transformations these positive notes can create for you, 52ers! Until next week!

In the Box:

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