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Sometimes those around us can help us see what we sometimes forget: our own positive characteristics. Often we get muddled in comparisons and focus on what we lack, so much so, that we forget about all of the incredible attributes we have! (And all of us have many!)  Each of us is unique, capable, and strong.  Our individual personal strengths make us who we are. Sometimes we need a little boost, a gentle reminder that yes, I do have that special quality. I am a dedicated individual, I am artistic and creative, I am a caring, thoughtful human being. We need to affirm the many components that make each of us great. On those days when we may be down on ourselves or feeling discouraged, we need our loved ones to pull us out of the mire and remind us of the wonderful things they see in us. That’s why this week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to focus on rejuvenating our sense of self-appreciation and self-worth by hearing or reading what our family members and/or close friends tell us are our top three personal strengths. Before we go into the exact way to complete this challenge this week, it is vital we discuss the importance of accepting and recognizing our positive characteristics.

Not only are positive words important so we feel good inside, but also Psychology Today states there is evidence that “what we believe about ourselves at a subconscious level... can have a significant impact on the outcome of events.” Positive affirmations can ultimately impact your mental state and how you act and react in the real world. Proof also exists that hearing positive words about yourself can “improve problem-solving performance” and can “buffer stress” (Psychology Today). When you fill your head with good thoughts, good actions result, ultimately leading to positive events in your life and the lives of those around you. Thankfully, this information gives us a way to feel better on those down-in-the-dump days!

Positive words are vital for our mental health, and our mental state plays a large role in how we conduct ourselves in the world. By hearing what our trusted friends and loved ones think of us, we may come to know ourselves better, recognize new traits we hadn’t acknowledged before, or dust off ones we’d forgotten about or buried. Affirmations build us up. Accept compliments and kind words from others.  Focus on all the good in life, and dwell not on the negative or on circumstances you cannot change. By listening with an open mind and owning the positive reinforcements from loved ones, you are able to hear those words and say, “Yes. That is me, and I am more than enough.”

The Exact Challenge:

This week we want you to send out a text message to 3--5 of your most trusted loved ones and ask them what top three positive characteristics/ strengths/ attributes they think of when they think of you. We want to make this as simple as possible, so we’ve actually made a message to send if you aren’t exactly sure how to draft one! Write down their responses and keep it somewhere you can see it daily as a reminder of how wonderful you are.

A practice draft: “Hey! I’m participating in the Be Better Movement, an organization that inspires people to be their best selves by offering its members a different challenge to complete each week. This week my #bebetter52 challenge is to focus on my positive attributes with the help of family members and/or close friends. I am supposed to ask someone I love and respect--that’s YOU-- to let me know 3 positive attributes that come to mind when you think of me. Please respond by text, email, phone, or in person. Thanks.  

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