Aly's Angle on Positive Affirmations


Aly Vislocky Positive Affirmations- Planning a wedding


As I sit here only five days before my wedding, I am incredibly thankful for the focus on affirmations this week. There is so much going through my head that my mantra is "I am calm, I am in the moment, I am excited, I am beautiful, and I am in love." At times I feel far from calm or in the moment because of coordinating the wedding, packing for the honeymoon, being excited about marrying the love of my life, trying to get my workload organized, still unpacking boxes from the move to our new home, etc.


But positive affirmations allow me to focus on my calm potential and remind me to stay in the moment. Every morning till I get married, I am going to commit to the Be BETTER goal of positive affirmations, thinking about five things I am good at or looking forward to. At night, I will choose five things that went well during the day. The mind is a very powerful tool, and when we focus on positivity we notice positive things in our life and surround ourselves with positive people.


This weekend is truly going to be full of special moments. Anything can go wrong, and I will be unfazed by whatever happens, focused only on the true purpose of the weekend: marrying my man. I will be grateful. Everything about the weekend will be truly special, and I will let Cory know that I am the luckiest girl in the world to be marrying him. Can’t wait!