Picnic Challenge #bebetter52


Picnic Challenge #bebetter52

Photo Courtesy of Maddy Fredrick

Last week was National Picnic Week in the UK, but what about picnic lovers in the states? Although picnic day in the U.S. has past, we think it deserves a week-long celebration. Whether impromptu or planned, picnics provide the perfect venue to enjoy cherished friends, great food, and the beautiful outdoors all at the same time. And as a bonus, spending time outside has been proven to boost immunity, focus, and overall outlook.

Having a strong social network is also crucial to psychological and physical health, regardless of age. So bring the kiddos and puppy along and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Our challenge to you this week: Plan a picnic! Get together friends, family, or a new acquaintance, choose any location you want, and bring your favorite foods. Picnics allow you to be as creative or spontaneous as you want. Candlesticks and bacon-wrapped dates? Done. Paper plates and PB & J? Absolutely.

Get bonus points for themed picnics: a pirate picnic with Pirates Booty Popcorn; an under-the-sea picnic at the beach with clam dip and chips; a Renaissance picnic with drumsticks and ale. Snap a pic of your picnic, and the Be Better Movement will donate $2 to charity.