Photo Letters #bebetter52


Photo Letters #bebetter52

How do you feel when you look in the mailbox to discover a handwritten letter in an envelope with your name on it? It makes our day – and we’re guessing a handwritten letter makes your day, too.

photo letters!

This week we’re challenging everyone to send a photo letter to a loved one. Write a letter to someone special to let them know you’re thinking of them on the back of an enclose a photograph.

Handwritten letters never go out of style. Not only do they lift the receiver’s mood, but also make the writer feel better. According to "Emotional and Health Benefits of Letter Writing", penning a letter can increase our overall well-being. A study by Kent State professor Stephen Toepfer concluded that letter writing can increase happiness and satisfaction with life.

In other words, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the people in our lives is vital to our well-being. Sending photo letters is one excellent way to demonstrate this gratitude and revisit old memories.

Photo letters can strengthen relationships between receiver and sender. You experience an inevitable emotional connection when you hear genuine, kind words from someone important in your life. A handwritten letter on a photograph is a tangible items you can (literally) hold close to your heart.

posting tip photo letters Long after they are written and sent, photo letters can be preserved and appreciated.

Remember, if you post a picture of a photo letter you send using #bebetter52, we donate $2 to Not For Sale. You just need to complete this challenge by Sunday at midnight.

It only takes a few minutes to brighten the day of someone you love. Let people know you are thinking of them and sending love their way. You never know what people around you are going through, so take the time to spread love and photo letters this week!