Write Photo Letters: Be Better Challenge


write photo lettersWrite Photo Letters

In today’s society, there are tons of ways to communicate: phone, text, Skype, emails, Facebook, just to name a few. With all these convenient and fast ways to connect, the act of penning a letter by hand is becoming a lost art. Not that long ago, handwritten letters sent through the postal system were one of the best ways to communicate. You probably have a stash of letters written by someone special tucked away yourself. If you stroll through antique shops, you might see old postcards for sale telling about the authors’ latest journeys. There is something truly special and timeless about a letter. That’s true even more today, due to the rarity of letters.

This week the Be Better Challenge is to write a Photo Letter. What is a photo letter? Well, it’s simple: Find or print a photo. Write a short letter on the back. And mail it to someone.

It’s a simple act that conveys a sincere message of love and importance.

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