Phoneless Nights #bebetter52

After a long day, you might find yourself sitting on the couch and vegging out by watching TV or scrolling through Instagram photos on your phone. Although you have every intention of going to bed at a decent hour, 10:00 pm soon becomes 10:58 pm because you brainlessly lost yourself in the deep web of your smartphone. Be Better Movement wants to help you get a full night’s rest so you can conquer your day, every day! This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is all about optimizing your nighttime routine to assist with better sleep. And what’s our recommendation? Phoneless nights. This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to create a nighttime routine that includes mindfully putting away your phone 30 minutes before going to bed. If you are one of those people who uses your cell as an alarm, we suggest plugging it in away from your bedroom, but close enough you’re still able to wake up to the alarm. That way, you will be less tempted to look at it when alerts pop up. By fully separating yourself from your cell at bedtime, you can start that book you’ve had on your shelf for awhile or reconnect to another part of your life by journaling. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even fall asleep before you’re able to decide!  Take time for yourself this week and see what benefits our challenge has for you!

Psychology Today tells us there are some negative effects caused by staring at a phone screen before bed. The artificial light that comes from a device like a phone confuses the brain and can delay the circadian rhythm, your body’s internal clock. These screens keep the brain alert, reduce your melatonin production and, during the night, can wake you up either by noise or by the light emission. That glowing blue screen tells your brain to stay awake which causes these adverse effects. A good night’s sleep is important for your appetite, metabolism, and the rejuvenation of the mind and body, so using your phone before bed is definitely NOT worth it!

What’s in the My Be Better Box:

If you’re a subscriber to the My Be Better Box, you’ve been given a Bagby Anti-Phubbing Band, which goes around your phone as a reminder of just how often we look at our phones and the amount of time we spend on them. In 2017, the Sanchez family members challenged each other to not use their cell phones in their bedrooms and called it the #PhoneFreeBedroomChallenge. They discovered that this one simple change helped them reconnect with one another, and it was so successful, they wanted to share their idea with others. The Bagby Band is now promoting real face-to-face exchanges and closer connections with friends and family-- away from our digital devices. Their belief is that “LESS Technology is MORE.”  We, at BeBetter, agree and want to inspire you to connect with people instead of Wifi with this week’s challenge.