Week 10 (Life)- Conquer Phone Addiction with Phone Time Outs


Unknown-2 Take a Phone Time-Out

How do you know you are obsessed with checking your phone? According to an article in CNN Health: (),

  • If you check your email more than you need to
  • If people tell you to put your phone away more than once a day
  • If you’re annoying people close to you
  • If you break into a cold sweat if you don’t get a chance to check your phone

Sound like you? Then you have a problem.

The trouble is that, most of the time, we don’t even realize we are checking the phone. According to a recent study published in Ubiquitous Computing smartphone users have developed what they call "checking habits" -- repetitive checks of emails and other applications such as Facebook. The checks typically lasted fewer than 30 seconds and were often done within 10 minutes of each other."

According to another study published in Psychology Today, "College students are the heaviest users of information and communication technology, and an overwhelming number of them own smartphones and use them throughout their day—sending an average of 109.5 text messages a day, receiving just as many each day, and checking their cell phones 60 times on an average day." This addiction to checking our phone has many negative consequences, such as a failure to interact face-to-face with people or avoidance of things we do not want to do.

Once per day, try to take a break from your electronic devices. Of course, some of you need your phone and or computer to get your work done. However, if you can go 30 minutes without it, challenge yourself to do so.

Find ways to recharge your life without the use of electronics. Make a yummy dinner that takes time to prepare, play a board game, laugh with friends, read a new book or go for a walk and look at the stars. Light a fire and just sit with yourself.

Our addiction to electronics makes us live half the time in the PRESENT moment, the other half in this make-believe cyber world. Enjoy the present moment without electronics.